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After the waste oil is collected from your facility, it then forgoes a series of processes which include straining, filtering and settling. We then use high powered machinery to extract water, sediment, fats, and other impurities. Our finished product is tested to ensure it meets industry standards and then handed over to be used in the production of alternative fuels. During our process we take all necessary steps to ensure that there is minimal waste, and that any waste is treated and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. Ecoimpact even ensures that the plastic kegs we collect oil in are either recycled or reused sustainably. Additionally, in May 2011 Ecoimpact became an annual member of and purchased Carbon offsets in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint by supporting sustainable projects globally. Although we cannot boast that all of our vehicles are powered by waste vegetable oil, it is our intention to have all our vehicles powered by waste vegetable oil in the future. Pending the necessary research.

If you desire to visit our processing plant please feel free to let us know of your interest and we would love to accommodate you.