What We Do

We Create a Cleaner Trinidad and Tobago

We educate stakeholders on the importance of lessening their environmental impact, and provide them with solutions to do so. Ecoimpact is a major driving force in Trinidad & Tobago and by extension the Caribbean region with regards to the education, design, and implementation of environmentally sustainable practices.

Collection, Processing, Recycling of Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO)

Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) is currently an environmental hazard that is often dumped in our landfills or poured down our drainage systems. Ecoimpact has designed an effective, efficient and environmentally friendly system for collecting waste vegetable oil on a scheduled basis from all our suppliers. This WVO is processed by Ecoimpact which removes the waste, leaving a product that can then be recycled through production of Biofuels. We make this collection process as convenient to our suppliers as possible with scheduled collection based on their oil change out periods.

Sale & Supply of Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) for Alternative Fuel

Ecoimpact collects and processes WVO and trades the end product globally, which is used in the production of alternative fuels. This ensures that WVO finds its way to a sustainable means rather than ending up in our nation’s water ways and landfills. Currently due to fuel subsidies in Trinidad and Tobago there is not a demand for alternative fuel locally, but Ecoimpact remains hopeful that one day our local market will be inviting to the use of alternative energy.

Environment Certification Program – Seal of Action

Ecoimpact has designed the ‘Seal of Action’ program & logo in an effort to encourage establishments to be more environmentally and socially responsible. Our ‘Seal of Action’ members work with Ecoimpact to reduce their environmental impact and support the development and upkeep of sustainable projects. All member companies will be awarded environmental certification and full use of the S.O.A. logo in their marketing and branding for greater public awareness.